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Consultation to your desired needs

The decision to have your very own love designer is a very personal and important choice. You will ultimately base your decision solely on your set of priorities and love goals. As an individual, your needs are specific and particular to your current situation. Understanding this; Natalie Clarice customize your consultation to your desired needs.

Within this process, Natalie Clarice EA will provide you with additional information about the process and equally as important allow you to become familiar with Natalie Clarice Dating Agency and us with you. Natalie Clarice will also learn about your specific concerns and love goals, discuss your individual case, listen, educate, recommend and support you in making your decision with an informative process that includes a thorough discussion of available options, while answering any questions you may have.

One(1) Hour Consultation

  • Our (1) hour phone consultations are organized in a specific way in order to maximize this getting-to-know- you opportunity.  The client first emails a list of high priority questions in advance, which allows Natalie Clarice to give them due consideration and generate a comprehensive response.
  • A (1) hour phone consultation will then be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time to discuss their questions and any others that arise as a result of the discussion.  This service is perfect for those who require the best love, dating, relationship advice for their unique situation.
  • A (1) hour phone consultation with Natalie Clarice; a trusted expert in the area of love, dating, relationships and marriage covering the topic of your choice and providing comprehensive response to your questions.

Once a purchase has been made; you will receive all the relevant information; including the appropriate contact details. Email your questions to the email address provided to you in your instructions. Natalie Clarice will then reply to schedule a phone consultation. At the scheduled time, you will call the telephone number provided to you to begin the consultation. Natalie Clarice will first go over your high priority questions, then open the discussion to any further questions or concerns you may have regarding your love and or dating life.


A focused (1) hour phone consultation with Natalie Clarice, a trusted expert in the area of love, dating, relationship, covering the topics of your choice and providing a comprehensive response to your questions.

$299 per 1 hour session