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Experience Natalie Clarice life-changing workshop that has transformed dating, relationships and marriages from coast to coast!

The Dating, Relationships Workshop that helps you learn how to create, establish, maintain a healthy meaningful loving relationship.

Falling in love and staying in love takes more than just time and commitment.  It takes change from within.  You’ll not only gain the knowledge and tools you need to find the right person for you, but you’ll enjoy the personal growth you need to cultivate a long-lasting, beautiful relationship.

Philosophy of The Dating Relationship Workshop

You’ll understand how to prepare for the right partner.
You’ll know how to cultivate a long-lasting loving relationship.
My philosophy is built on the 5 stages to establishing a meaningful relationship. You will gain the invaluable insight you need to build the love connections that enrich your life.

Natalie Clarice - Loving dating Relationship designer

Why Book “The Dating Relationship Workshop” for your company, organization, institution, event?

Everyone wants to learn the secret to a successful dating life, relationship or marriage.  With climbing break ups, separation, divorce, now has never been a better time.
Our workshop gives you the foundation you need to not only find and identify the healthiest relationship, but also establish, create and cultivate meaningful relationship.

You’ll learn essential relationship concepts that result in profound personal growth, such as:

  • How to develop a healthy relationship
  • How to identify a quality partner
  • How to identify ineffective dating relationship patterns that have caused the end to your relationship(s) in the past
  • How to effectively communicate with your partner from a place of love, even in times of conflict
  • How to keep your own identity while encouraging your relationship to grow.


This workshop is designed for small or large companies, organizations, institutions, corporate events. We have developed a powerful workshop that focuses on love, dating, relationship, marriage. You’ll get the knowledge and tools you will need to lean how to establish, create and maintain a healthy meaningful relationship. You’ll earn how to identify the right partner for you, how to keep your bond strong and how to deal with those challenging times relationships face.

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