Is designed for the CEO, Senior Level Executive who desire to meet someone very special and simply do not have time to go searching for a meaningful relationship and also who require an exceptional level of discreetness, privacy and confidentiality due to their profession, executive title, social influence, lifestyle status and personal accomplishments.

$2,999 per match


Is designed to teach singles to fully understand the intricate complexities of exercising healthy successful dating habits and learn the foundational intelligence about the dating process that will lead to establishing a healthy successful meaningful relationship.

$199 per 1 hour


Is designed to teach and assist couples to fully understand and master the 5 stages of love that must be experienced in a relationship or marriage for couples to accomplish the end results of having a happy healthy successful relationship or marriage.

$199 per 1 hour session


Is designed to provide happily engaged couples, with customized coaching and resources to build and explore the couple strengths, weakness, challenges, values, goals and objectives in an effort to successfully transition the (soon to be) bride & groom from a ME mindset to a WE (selfless) committed mindset.

$299 per 1 hour session


Is designed to help women rediscover, rebuild and fine-tune their self love, self value, self awareness and self confidence. This self love coaching program is specially designed for women whose self love and self confidence has been significantly weakened due to an emotionally unhealthy relationship, friendship and or life setback.

$299 per 1 hour session


Is designed to help singles who are searching, understand that first impression are last impression and people will judge you based on your looks and your overall appearance. Therefore, this program is designed to assist singles enhance their authentic style, physical appearance and overall public image, in an effort; to be more engaging, appealing and attractive to the opposite sex.

$299 per 1 hour session


A focused (1) hour phone consultation with Natalie Clarice, a trusted expert in the area of love, dating, relationship, covering the topics of your choice and providing a comprehensive response to your questions.

$299 per 1 hour session


This workshop is designed for small or large companies, organizations, institutions, corporate events. We have developed a powerful workshop that focuses on love, dating, relationship, marriage. You’ll get the knowledge and tools you will need to lean how to establish, create and maintain a healthy meaningful relationship. You’ll earn how to identify the right partner for you, how to keep your bond strong and how to deal with those challenging times relationships face.

$1,999 deposit


Monica P. New York

Marketing Executive

“I will be forever grateful to Natalie Clarice and her amazing team”.

As a marketing executive and my hectic work schedule; I really do not have the time to go out and meet people.  Therefore; I decided to try something different and purchased the Executive Suite Matchmaking package.  How awesome was this! What I really enjoyed most about this whole process was having my very own personal matchmaker who became a good friend in the process. Natalie Clarice is the best. I love her!  Her selections on my behalf was perfect.  I met the most wonderful guy through Natalie Clarice.  We have been together now for 2 years and it has been a beautiful journey.
Thank you Natalie… you are amazing!

Raven S. Orlando, FL


“Natalie has a gift”

I sat with her and explained to her everything I was going through in my relationship.  Natalie listed, never interrupted.  Once I finished; she asked me was that it? I said yes.  She explained everything that was going on in my relationship and the reason my partner was distancing himself.  Natalie gave me step by step of what to do to try and get things back on track.  I could not believe she was able to tell me how my relationship will unfold after demonstrating each step.  I was amazed.  She has helped and prepared me for a lifetime.

Ryan M. Miami Beach, FL

Plastic Surgeon

“Natalie Clarice Concierge arranged the initial introduction at Prime Fish on Miami Beach”

I am 52, Plastic Surgeon and do not get out as much as I would like to.  Natalie selected 4 young ladies on my behalf.  Her concierge arranged the initial introduction at Prime Fish on Miami Beach.  Although, I am a confident man; I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time.  This young lady Natalie selected on my behalf was THE ONE. She was amazing.  Not just in looks but she was intelligent, fun and very easy to know.  I was very impressed with her selection on my behalf.  I was so impressed that I sent Natalie a text during the date to say, “She is great!”  Natalie you are the greatest and you will always be someone very special to me and who is now my Fiance’.

Krystal M. Chicago, IL


“This guy I am now dating is such an amazing person”

I am 41, single and had been in the dating arena for quite sometime.  I tried online dating and it was horrible.  A friend referred Natalie Clarice Dating Agency in Miami; and it has been a delightful experience. This guy I am now dating is such a wonderful person. Literally I get butterflies when I’m with him.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing; but I really think I’m in love.  He is so perfect for me.  He is so gentle but so manly. I will never forget Natalie’s words to me.  “Everyone has a soulmate; the challenge is connecting with your soulmate.”  Thank you Natalie.  If we get married; you must speak at our wedding.

Jasmine H. Atlanta, GA

Interior Designer

“This Date Coaching Experience was worth every penny.”

I am 38, Interior Designer and never been married. Within the last 3 years I dated 3 guys and neither one of them worked out. It got to a point; that I became very frustrated with dating and with men. I often questioned myself; what was I doing wrong? A friend told me about Natalie Clarice Dating Agency; and that she offers one on one Date Coaching. I decided to purchase one session since it was my first time. The Date Coaching session with Natalie Clarice was a huge eye opener for me. She pointed out every mistake I was making with men. Mistakes that I was not even aware they were mistakes. I was totally in disbelief with this knowledge that was given to me. The date coaching session(s) was worth every penny. I would advise any woman who is having challenges with dating or difficulty understanding men…to please shop service on Natalie Clarice Dating Agency website to fit your needs. You are going to be enlightened.